8th Grade End of Year Info 2022

                             We need your baby photos for the 8th grade slideshow!!!

***To submit a photo, you MUST be logged into your student's LWSD account***
Please read this info carefully:
Be sure to fill out all parts of the Form (link below) so your 8th grade student will have their 1 or 2 photos included in the 8th Grade Celebration slideshow. Each 8th grade student may submit one baby photo (from birth to age 5) and one current/special interest photo. The two photos will be placed split screen (side by side), and we will add the student's name to the slide. If you choose to only submit one photo, your slide will include the one photo only. Please NO borders, font/text, or special graphics. We want the show to be uniform and we will use the same font to add each child's name ourselves. 
This email was sent to both parent/guardians and students, however, only a student can respond to the Forms Survey due to the file upload limitation within our organization. This means to submit photos you MUST be logged into your student's LWSD account. Parent/guardians, please work with your student to submit their photos through the link. Confirm with your child that the photos you upload are okay to share in the 8th Grade Celebration.
To submit a photo, please title each photo with your LAST NAME_FIRST NAME followed by 1 or 2 (example: Miller_Trisha1 or Miller_Trisha2). This is so helpful in making sure the correct name appears in the slideshow and all photos can be easily alphabetized.
The deadline for submission is Friday, May 27th. Slides will be added to the show in the order they are received (but will appear alphabetically in the show). Please do not wait until the last minute. This deadline is FIRM.
***By submitting photos, you recognize that all submitted photos will be included in the 8th Grade Celebration Slideshow that will be shared both in-person and virtually with the Evergreen community. Regardless of your child's status in the "Do Not Publish" list, by submitting your photo, you are giving Evergreen Middle School permission to share this photo schoolwide/community wide in the 8th Grade Celebration Slideshow. ***
Link to 8th grade photo submission form: https://forms.microsoft.com/r/WknGRH6Yrx
Contact Evergreen ASB with questions at EMSASB@lwsd.org