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We’ve implemented a system where student electives operate on a two-year cycle. This means that the elective courses offered will repeat every two years. While this approach has its benefits, it also presents some considerations for students.

  1. Reduced Elective Choices:
    • Due to the cyclic nature of electives, some choices may be limited during a particular academic year. Certain electives might not be available in a given year, which can impact students’ options.
    • However, this streamlined approach allows us to allocate resources more efficiently and ensures that teachers can adequately prepare for the courses they’ll be teaching.
  2. Teacher Preparation and Class Sections:
    • With fewer elective options, we can offer more sections of popular courses.
  3. Easier Student Scheduling:
    • The two-year cycle simplifies student scheduling. When planning their course load, students can anticipate which electives will be available in the upcoming years.
    • By collaborating with your student, you can create a thoughtful plan that aligns with their interests, academic goals, and extracurricular commitments.
  4. Planning Ahead:
    • I encourage parents and students to review the two-year cycle together. Take note of the electives that pique your student’s interest and discuss how they fit into their overall educational journey.

Remember, elective courses provide valuable opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and broaden their horizons. By actively engaging in the planning process, both students and parents can make informed decisions that enhance the educational experience.