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Laptops 2021-22... 

Laptop Inspection Form:
Help please... We need each and every EMS family must inspect the student laptop and complete this short electronic laptop inspection form for this school year!!
Please click HERE to complete the inspection form.

Laptop Basics:

Restart: As Mr. Olson always says... When in doubt, restart your computer!  The best place to restart every day, is at school while you are connected to the school network.

Passwords: We encourage students to register your password in the event you have difficulty logging in to your student account. Process is simple and quick!

If you have any question or concerns regarding the inspection and form please email me directly. Thank you Kevin Olson


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  • Contact me if you have questions about technology, good books and homework issues! 

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Thank you to the EMS PTSA for their generous support of the EMS Library last year. With the PTSA's support, we were able to buy additional e-books for our Evergreen students during remote learning!

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Where we foster a love of reading and how to effectively locate, evaluate, and share information.

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