ASB Government and Leadership

ASB Government and Leadership 

ASB meetings are held every other Tuesday during FLEX in Room 129B and are open to all students interested in having a voice in the goings on at Evergreen. 
The ASB (Associated Student Body) executive board at Evergreen Middle School exists to help ensure all student at Evergreen have the opportunity to take part in activities outside of academics that are culturally, athletically, and recreationally enriching and student-centered. 

Student Government and Leadership (ASB) 

Grades: 6-8 

Coordinator: Trish Miller 

When: Tuesdays, 12:31-1:11 pm 

Where: Room 129B 

Description: The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the governing body of Evergreen Middle School. Its purpose is to propose, discuss and vote on legislation for the good of the student body and school. A president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, and public relations officer are elected in the spring for the following school year. These students, along with the representatives from each class, form the student council. 

How to join: Run for office in the spring of your 7th grade year. An announcement will be made, and informational FLEX sessions usually happen in February for elections in March. The requirements to run for student body office are as follows: 3.0 cumulative grade point average, petition, teacher approval and parent approval. 

ASB OFFICERS 2021-2022 

 Elections could not be held last spring due to inequities in voting during concurrent learning. This year we have an Executive Board of 14 without official titles.   

This year’s ASB Officers are Arnav Agnihotri, Anu Arun, Vaishnavi Iyer, Jade Lam, Kiera Merrigan, Emily Orton, Riya Rajkumar, Nina Shepard, Sharad Sreekanth, Batul Siddiqui, Medha Singitham, Saranya Voruganti, Cindy Yang , and Madhoha Yellamareddygari. 

These students are actively involved in planning and executing the assemblies, dances, charity drives, fundraisers, and lunch activities at Evergreen. They, along with the students in the leadership class, also help support school culture activities to help make sure Evergreen is a fun, safe, exciting place for students to learn. 
Student Council 

Grades: 6-8 

Coordinator: Trish Miller 

When: Once a month, during FLEX 

Where : 129B 

Description: The student council is made up of homeroom representatives who serve as liaisons between the ASB Executive Board and the student body at large. Student Council meetings are held during FLEX, once a month, and are run by the executive board. In meetings, students will have the opportunity to discuss school-wide issues and initiatives, vote on important matters, and communicate information back to their homeroom class. 

How to join: Representatives and alternates are elected in their Eagle Time class each semester. Students must be members of ASB and maintain a 2.0 GPA to represent their Eagle Time class in as the Student Council Representative.