Elementary Bands 2020-21

Email Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) or Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)


Here's the PowerPoint from our Meeting Wednesday night. 
We hope you'll join us for Evergreen Elementary Band Program! 




Elementary Band program for 20-21(updtd Sept 10): We look forward to meeting New and Returning Elementary Banders! 

  • WE are excited that LWSD will continue to offer Elementary Band for 2020-21!
  • For 20-21 LWSD will be limiting Elementary Band and Orchestra to 5th grade only (returning "Cadet" and New Beginners) at the beginning of the academic year.  This may be reevaluated later. 
  • Elementary Band learning will be entirely "asynchronous" until further notice
  • LWSD Elementary Band/Orchestra webpage.
  • Mr. Peterson and Mr. Beise will be "visiting" your classrooms (virtually) soon! Look for information in the next few weeks.

Our District is Proud of our Band Program and Teachers. Come Join Us! 

1-There are two online programs to play along with:

     -Essential Elements Interactive (“EEI”): essentialelementsinteractive.com
      *This is free with your book. 
         Playing is always better with someone else; that’s why we show up!
         That’s what’s cool about EEi, it’s “playing with others”
     -SmartMusic (“SM”): smartmusic.com
2-Play songs from your book (even ones we didn’t work on), also
   *Look online for more songs (for example: “clarinet easy Star Wars”).  

YOUR Guide and INspiration:

WHY do you Play your Instrument?                               

Why do you play Music and learn an instrument? 




Our Best Wishes: Keep Healthy, Busy, and Inspired! 
We Look Forward to Meeting New Band Member, and Seeing our 2nd year "Cadet Band" again this year. 

Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) , Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org) (who is going on two week's paternity leave starting Sept 10th), and Ms. Walsh (riwalsh@lwsd.org). 

Useful Information and Sign-Ups

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