Evergreen Beginning Bands 2021-22

Email Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) or Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)


Elementary Band program for 21-22 (updt Oct 24, 2021):  Schedule for Instruction Below! 

Elem Band Performance

We look forward to meeting our New Elementary Banders! 

Here’s the Parents’ Information Night meeting recording 

  • WE are excited that LWSD will continue to offer Elementary Band for 2021-22!
  • Open to ALL 4th and 5th graders at Alcott, Dickinson, and Explorer.
  • Elementary Band learning will be Remote until further notice. 
    • We now have many online resources available
    • Remote teaching allows us to teach as the Eastlake Learning Community, providing more connections with Inglewood and Eastlake teachers. 
    • Remote learning allows for those with any transportation restrictions to participate, including Online students! 
  • See Below for Schedule of Events

LWSD Elementary Band/Orchestra webpage 

Schedule of Events

Date Event Where Details
Registration for
Elementary Band
See button above
Registration for Elementary Band is Closed
Week of 9/27
Instruction Begins
Elementary Band TEAMS Meetings
You will have access to "EMS Eagle Elementary Band" TEAMS.  If not, contact Ryan Beise rbeise@lwsd.org
Premiere Concert
Proposed. We'll see
how it all goes!


Elementary Band Starts Monday September 27th, 7:40-8:15

(We meet only on School Days; No School, No Band) 

Day  Monday      Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
Instrument             FLUTES        TRUMPETS   PERCUSSION 


Teacher Mr. Beise  Mr. Peterson  Mr. Peterson  Mr. Beise Mr. Peterson


RENT YOUR INSTRUMENT: See Here for Information on Renting

BUY THE Elementary Band Book: Essential Elements Book 1 (for your instrument)

     Purchase your Band Book at Local Music Dealers or ONLINE 


Our Best Wishes: Keep Healthy, Busy, and Inspired! 
We Look Forward to Meeting You and Learning Music! 

Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) , Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)


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