Elementary Bands

Email Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) or Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)


Thanks for letting us work with your kiddos!

-WE saw a lot of improvement, especially with the Cadet Band once the Beginners joined them!

-Today/Tuesday was our last day.

-I look forward to working with them next year; As we said at the concert, 6th grade/Concert Band is REALLY where the learning gets going; there’s a HUGE difference in how the 6th graders start out, and what you can hear now.

-I encourage those who didn’t sign up next year to reconsider: There will be PLENTY OF TIME to “Try out something different” (Yeah, woodshop’s cool, but you CAN schedule it in your next 6 years!).  What you’ll lose out is the consistent, progressive learning necessary for success.  You can change your schedule easily just by contacting your counsellors!

-Counselor (A-F): Sarah Parnell-
-Counselor (G - Mel): Christina Walter
-Counselor (Mem - Ray): Dylan Slatton
-Counselor (Rak - Z): Denise Ozeri  

-Great Work this year! The first year always has some frustrations, but mostly a high growth rate!

-Wednesday is our AUCTION and our Last Day.

-Hopefully you’re encouraged by what you heard from the Cadet Band, and will join us next year!

-You’ll hear from me at the beginning of the year. Next Year, Cadet Band (5th/2nd year) will Be Tuesday and Friday (to hopefully avoid some SBA/Outdoor School conflcts). 

Come see what’s in store for you at our Final Band Concert next Tuesday, June 12th, at 7 PM
-Star Wars, Harry Potter, Earth Wind and Fire, Blues Brothers, Avengers!

 Eric T. Peterson, Director of Bands; Cross Country Coach
epeterson@lwsd.org; 425 936-2330 (Music Office)
Evergreen Middle School (Redmond); 425 936 2320
Elementary Band website: ems.lwsd.org/activities/elementary-bands

Elementary Band Blog 5/9/18

The end of the year, AND our Final Concert, comes so quickly!

End of Year Concert, Tuesday May 22nd, 7 PM
-All Elementary Band members are expected to attend
-Sports is not considered a good reason to miss our Final Authentic Assessment of our learning. (Mr. Beise and I are both involved in spring sports)
-If you’re going to miss, please inform us this week.

Remember, We NEVER Cancel Band. During SBA, ½ days, we’re here, ready to teach!
-One of the BEST ways to “test well” is to Play music! Sleeping in doesn’t work nearly as well as getting up, eating a good breakfast, and Playing Music!

-We recommend this approach 😉

Support EHS Band Boosters; Eat at Chipotle on Saturday May 12th, 4-8 pM (see attached)



EB Blog 2/24/18

Tuesday, March 27th AT EMS. 7 PM “Downbeat”

This REPLACES the Redmond Region Concert scheduled for Beginning Band at RMS on 3/20/18
This REPLACES the Plateau Concert for Cadet Band from 2/8/18
This Concert will also allow for Solos, and the Jazz Band to perform for you and your kiddos!

6:29:33 PM Call/Arrival
7:00:00 PM Downbeat
Beginning Band
Cadet Band
Jazz Band

7:45:00 (app) Done!
Chairs racked
Music Stands packed
(maybe) Post Concert snacked

-Attendance is expected: This is our “Authentic Assessment”
-Please let us know WELL in advance (at least 2 weeks) if you can’t attend.
-Dress: Concert NICE (best shoes, pants, shirts, ties, smiles, BRAINS)

Eric T. Peterson, Director of Bands; Cross Country Coach
epeterson@lwsd.org; 425 936-2330 (Music Office)
Evergreen Middle School (Redmond); 425 936 2320



EB Blog 12/10/17

Thanks for a great concert!

(This is also emailed, and posted on your PowerSchool page. If you didn't get the email, contact Mr. Peterson epeterson@lwsd.org; or if you don’t have access to PowerSchool, contact Mr. Beise rbeise@lwsd.org)

While not “musically sophisticated” (Beethoven will have to wait a bit 😊), I was very impressed with the behavior, presentation, and focus of your students.
It’s a strong step towards success as a Musician!

Next concerts!
-Cadet Band: Plateau Concert, February 8th, Eastlake HS
-Beginning Band: Redmond Region Concert, March 20th Redmond Middle School
*Please check the calendar (Band Handbook hardcopy handed out, PowerSchool)

Starting in January, we’ll start to “transition” our 5th grade beginners to the Cadet Band (T/Th, same times) . Look for a yellow letter from your Musicians.

REMEMBER: WE NEVER Cancel Elementary Band. We had a few calls/emails if we were canceling post-concert/last week of 2017 school.
Again: We NEVER Cancel Elementary Band.

Emailed and attached on PowerSchool are some ideas for the Holidays:
-Gift ideas;
-Give your Brass a Bath (ONLY if you own your own brass instrument!!!);
-“Holiday Toonz 4 U 2 Play” (go to PowerSchool to download YOUR instrument’s music).


Eric T. Peterson, Director of Bands; Head Cross Country and Track Coach
epeterson@lwsd.org; 425 936-2330 (Music Office)
Evergreen Middle School (Redmond); 425 936 2320

EB blog 11/25/17

Here are a few Elementary Band Items (also posted on PowerSchool and emailed).

  1. Concert!

It always comes up quickly: Our First Concert! We’ll present our current learning TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5th, at 7 PM.
Evergreen “Concert Hall”.Plan on arriving at 6:29:33 PM to get ready.If you arrive earlier, we’ll have you help set up chairs (200 Chairs!)


The Concert is a presentation of your learning. The directors and your fellow students are relying on you to be here.
“I had a game” or “I had homework” are NOT reasons to miss a gig. Only emergencies or illness are.

Please inform your directors at least TWO weeks in advance with a reason if not attending.
All concerts are held at Evergreen Middle School, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. (“Plateau” or “Redmond”)
All Concerts Start at 7:00 pm. Please arrive by 6:30 pm.
There’s not an Elementary Band Uniform, However Band members are encouraged to dress nicely!
Family members are encouraged to attend!
Please make sure to set these dates on your calendar, and ATTEND the CONCERTS.

  1. IF you haven’t received it already, attached is the Elementary Band Information and “Contract”.
  • Please make sure to read through it, sign and Return ONLY the Contract (it’s yellow in the printed, handed out version).
  1. Information is always posted on PowerSchool for Elementary Band, and the “passive” webpage.
  • If you don’t have PowerSchool/Elementary Band access, please email Mr. Beise rbeise@lwsd.org.

See you December 5th!

EB Blog 10/14/17

Welcome Elementary Banders!
(This is posted on your PowerSchool Elementary Band page and you’ll get a hard copy).

*QUICK Reminder: We NEVER Cancel Band (not for conference weeks, field trips, nor testing dates). Unless cancelled by the district (late starts, snow days, Zombie apocalypse) We’ll be here, ready to teach!

Now that we’ve started, and you’re developing the routines;Here’s What’s Been Going On.

We’re learning:
-proper breathing, posture, and attention that will make for Band Success
We focus on the basics, in a relatively slow and specific process. It may seem a bit slow, and possibly a bit “boring”, but “This Is What Works”.

We’re making our first noises, which will become sounds, then notes, then Music!
We’re learning to work together as an “ENSEMBLE”: Rest, Attention, and Playing positions.

Students should have:
-Books, with their names labeled (this can earn stickers)
-A Pencil
-Brass should have the needed tuning slide grease, trombone slide oil/cream/Slide-o-mix, and valve oil.
-Clarinets should have 3-4 reeds that are in good condition (round tip, not split). If it’s jagged,it’s no good. Cork grease keeps your instrument easy to assemble.
-Flutes should SLIGHTLY grease the “head joint”.
-Percussion should ALWAYS have BOTH sticks AND mallets.

*Baritones/Euphoniums: Remember, you have instruments at school. You only need to bring your mouthpieces. Carry it in a protective envelope, box, or “cool” mouthpiece sleeve. https://www.wwbw.com/Brass-Mouthpiece-Accessories.wwbw

We have the GREAT fortune of having 13 eager “sliders”! We’ve always had enough instruments (“horns”) to provide one for you when you come to class. However, we only have 8 for you currently (I’m looking to buy 2 more). HOWEVER, if it’s possible for you to bring your horn ONLY to Beginning Band, that would be helpful.
Please email me if you can do this. It will help all the trombonists (“The ‘Bone Yard”) out.

IN the next week:
-You should have access to you Elementary Band PowerSchool page. If not, email Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)
-You will receive the Elementary Band information packet: Class Guidelines, Concert Schedule, and Emergency form to fill out (hard copy or email back).

These will also be posted on your Powerschool Elementary Band page.

Mr. Peterson


(updated 9/23/17)



Coming to EMS in the morning:

-DRIVING: Our parking lot is INCREDIBLY busy from 7:45-8:05 AM. We’ve moved the bus chute to Dickinson (and suggest you drop off there) since the EMS lot is ONLY parents dropping off their MS students. Plan ahead: we only have 35 minutes of instruction time, so late students could miss a significant portion of instruction. Mr. Beise and I are here 7:30 AM at the latest, so you can drop off early. The Musician’s pledge: “Early is ON Time, On Time is Late, Late is not Professional”.

*PLEASE CARPOOL as much as you can.

-BUS: Transportation is telling us that Elementary Band students cannot ride the Middle School buses. We ARE finding some drivers ARE letting 4/5th kiddos, but we can't tell you who, nor guarantee a spot. You'll have to do some checking on this.


2017-18 Elementary bands meet at Evergreen Middle School from 8:00 - 8:40AM


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday




Cadet Band

(2nd year)


-All Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone) -Electric Bass -Flutes Cadet Band (2nd year)


-All Brass -Electric Bass -Percussion -Clarinets


We look forward to meeting and working with you!