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Email Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) or Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)

End of year calendar! (Geez, we're THERE already?)  (Updated 4/30/19)

Tuesday, May 21st, 7:00    

Final Concert        All Elementary Bands

Evergreen Gym

Tuesday, June 4th for Cadet Band

Wednesday, June 5th for Beginners

Last day of Elementary Bands:

Beginner Band=Party/Auction/Fun

Band Room


Field Trip for 5th graders! (Wednesday, Jan 30th)               Updated: 1/21/19 


We will be taking some our 5th graders to a Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra concert on Wednesday, January 30th.

Since we usually see them Tuesday and Friday, we will be making a ONE-TIME ONLY schedule change.

Monday, Jan 28

Tuesday, Jan 29

Wednesday, Jan 30

Thursday, Jan 31

Friday, Feb 1

No change

Switch with Wednesday, Beginner Brass/Clarinets/

Electric Bass

Switch with Tuesday, Cadet Band and 5th grader concert attendees.

No change

No change


This means:

-Beginners (4th and 5th) who meet on Wednesday will meet on Tuesday Jan 29th
-Cadet Band and Concert-going 5th graders will meet on Wednesday Jan 30th
*(5th grader Concert-goers who usually meet Wednesday will come both days)
*Bus schedules remain the same for ALL days.
*on Wednesday, Jan 30, Concert-Goers will stay with us at EMS until 9:30 when we board a bus to Westminster Chapel for the concert.

If this causes a problem for normal Tuesday/Wednesday attendees, no worries; we’ll just see you next scheduled class.

Please be clear: This is a ONE-TIME change, and does not affect any other day/week’s schedule.

All other times/days schedule remain the same.

Mr. Peterson and Mr. Beise

Welcome Elementary Banders!   (10/25/18)

You SHOULD have received this as an email as well. If not:

1) Check your spam folder.

2) If you did not get this email, please email ME (epeterson@lwsd.org) with “I didn’t get this email”

This blog is posted on your PowerSchool Elementary Band page, the school’s Elementary Band page, and hard copy).

*QUICK Reminder: We NEVER Cancel Band (not for conference weeks, field trips, nor testing dates). Unless cancelled by the district (LEAP Days, late starts, snow days, Zombie apocalypse) We’ll be here, ready to teach!

Now that we’ve started, and you’re developing the routines;    Here’s What’s Been Going On.

We’re learning:
-proper breathing, posture, and attention that will make for Band Success;  We focus on the basics, in a relatively slow and specific process.It may seem a bit slow, and possibly a bit “boring”, but “This Is What Works”.

We’re making our first noises, which will become sounds, then notes, then Music!
We’re learning to work together as an “ENSEMBLE”: Rest, Attention, and Playing positions; Playing together as a group.

Students should have:
-Books (Essential Elements for Band), with their names labeled on the front or inside the cover (this can earn stickers)
-A Pencil
-Brass should have the needed tuning slide grease, trombone slide oil/Slide-o-mix, and valve oil.
-Clarinets should have 3-4 reeds that are in good condition (round tip, not split). If it’s jagged, it’s no good.
       Cork grease keeps your instrument easy to assemble.
-Flutes should SLIGHTLY grease the “head joint”.
-Percussion should ALWAYS have BOTH sticks AND mallets.

*Trombones/Euphoniums: Remember, you have instruments available at EMS. You only need to bring your mouthpieces. Carry it in a protective envelope, box, or “cool” mouthpiece sleeve.

Please remember that Class starts at 7:45 AM. We start with quick introductory information, and then get going. Remember that the first 10 and the last 10 minutes of class are always the most important. With our 8:20 end time (to get to buses), some of the late arrivals barely are getting ANY instruction time at all.


IN the next week:

-You should have access to you Elementary Band PowerSchool page. If not, email Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)
-You will receive the Elementary Band Information packet: Class Guidelines, Concert Schedule, and Emergency form to fill out (hard copy or email back).
       *Your Students will received this packet in class, so this is a good "test" to see if they bring you handouts from Elementary Band
       *will also be posted on PowerSchool and the Elementary Band Webpage .


Eric T. Peterson, Director of Bands; Cross Country Coach
epeterson@lwsd.org; 425 936-2330 (Music Office)
Evergreen Middle School (Redmond); 425 936 2320
Elementary Band website: www.ems.lwsd.org/activities/elementary-bands

“We will strive for perfection day in and day out and we will always fail.  But in trying - we will achieve excellence and that is good enough “.   Vince Lombardi (paraphrased from a quote)

WELCOME TO EMS ELEMENTARY BAND 2018-19   (updated 9/19/18)

Welcome to Elementary BEGINNING and CADET (2nd year) Band!
(There’s still time to sign up for Elementary Band, so if you have a friend, bring them along. It’s more fun with friends!)

Hopefully your student is as excited about joining us as we are teaching! (after 20+ years, I still get excited at the first note we play together!). They got to hear our visiting Middle School students play their instruments for them.

Class time is 7:45 AM- 8:25 AM.
Busses will depart for respective Elementary Schools at 8:30 AM

2018-19 Elementary bands meet at Evergreen Middle School






-All Brass (Trumpet,

Cadet Band
(2nd year)

-Electric Bass

-All Brass
-Electric Bass

Cadet Band  
(2nd year)





The first few days for Beginners (Sept 24, 26, 27th) we will barely get in, get seated, take roll, do some rhythmic activities, and show them how to get on the buses      :-)
     -So, they won’t really need their supplies, so if you’re waiting on an instrument or a book, they’ll be fine.
     -We’ll get going on that the next week’s classes.

Cadet Band will start playing right away. (T/F)

-They will get on school buses for departure to their school at 8:30 AM
Dickinson will stay at EMS until 8:45; We’ll probably still keep on playing.  Then we’ll walk over.

Coming to EMS in the morning:
- Mr. Beise and Mr. Peterson are here 7:20 AM at the latest
-We have a new security system. The Doors will be Open at 7:30 for Elementary Band arrival
-BUS: Transportation is telling us that Elementary Band students CANNOT RIDE the Middle School buses. We ARE finding some drivers ARE letting 4/5th kiddos, but we can't tell you who, nor guarantee a spot. You'll have to do some checking on this.

*PLEASE CARPOOL as much as you can.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

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