Elementary Bands 2020-21

Email Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) or Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)


Hey There EMS Elementary Banders: (updtd June 10, 2020)

Elementary Band and Orchestra programs for 2020-21:We don’t know what the fall may bring, but we are excited to reconnect with and continue to grow our young musicians next school year.  
Here are some of the important updates and action steps for parents and students:

►Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) and Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org) will be sending out Evergreen-specific Elementary Band information. (also posted here) 
►Mrs. Harris (rharris@lwsd.org) will have Elementary Orchestra (violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass) information.

  • LWSD will continue to offer Elementary Band and Orchestra in its current model. 
  • If your student was in 4th grade band for the 2019-20 school year, please complete this                                   LWSD Elementary Instrumental Program survey by June 30th.  
    Your responses will help us plan for next year.
  • For a number of reasons –  a safe model for the classroom among them – LWSD will be limiting      Elementary Band and Orchestra to 5th grade only at the beginning of the academic year.  This may be reevaluated later in the year. 
  • Summer and Fall resources and information on the LWSD Elementary Band/Orchestra webpage
  • Likewise, EMS’s Elementary Band website will have the most updated information posted here.
Information for Elementary Band for 2020-21 will be posted when we get more information. For right now, our answer to everything Elementary Band (schedule, recruitment, sign-ups) is "We don't know". Until then, check out instrument choices, and get an idea of which instrument YOU want to play! 


1-There are two online programs to play along with:

Essential Elements Interactive (“EEI”): essentialelementsinteractive.com
 *This is free with your book. You’ll need the “Student activation code” or the “ISBN” number in the front.
  *further instructions are on PSL>Essential Elements Interactive
   *Playing is always better with someone else; that’s why we show up!
    That’s what’s cool about EEi, it’s “playing with others”
SmartMusic (“SM”): smartmusic.com
 *They are offering a free subscription till June 30th. 
 *PSL will have more information.
2-Play songs from your book (even ones we didn’t work on), also
   *Look online for more songs (for example: “clarinet easy Star Wars”).  
  *See PSL for more online Free Music Resources.


Remember TWO thingS:

WHY do you Play your Instrument?                               

Why do you play Music? 




Let That Be Your Guide and Inspiration

You are free to and encouraged to chat with us on email!
We look forward to hearing about how you’re taking advantage of this time
Our Best Wishes: Keep Healthy, Busy, and Inspired! 
We Look Forward to Meeting with and Seeing you again next year. 
Mr. Peterson and Mr. Beise

Useful Information and Sign-Ups

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