Elementary Bands 2019-20

Email Mr. Peterson (epeterson@lwsd.org) or Mr. Beise (rbeise@lwsd.org)


We're Looking forward to our first Presentation of Learning!
Premiere Concert and Presentation
Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
7:00 PM Start
Evergreen "Performance Auditorium"

Arrival (“call time”) is 6:29:33 PM.  IF you can arrive 15 minutes early (6:15 PM) to help finalize any set up, please let us know.
*Please don’t arrive much earlier; we will not be ready for you 

The Concert is a presentation of your learning. The directors and your fellow students are relying on you to be here.“I had a game” or “I had homework” are NOT reasons to miss a gig. Only emergencies or illness are.

Please inform your directors at least TWO weeks in advance with a reason if not attending.
All concerts are held at Evergreen Middle School, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. (“Plateau” or “Redmond”)
There’s not an Elementary Band Uniform, However Band members are encouraged to dress nicely!
Family members are encouraged to attend!

In the next week:
-We’ll finalize our songs and program
-ask for soloists and small ensembles (ANY music other than what we’re performing as a group)
-your student can come ANY and ALL Beginner Band days (M, W, Th), so they feel comfortable with the concert program.

 Your student will need:
-Instrument (even if usually borrowing from the school) that you have rented for home practice
         Percussion needs to bring your bell set; we’ll use the school’s snare drums).
         Clarinets: Start 2-3 new reeds NOW, so you have choices not emergencies
         Brass: Make sure everything’s oiled/greased.
-Music Stand if you have one. Make sure to label all the parts just in case in gets separated
-Band Book (Essential Elements for Band); Make sure your name’s on the cover, and also inside.
-Pencil (always).  

Parents: If the parking lot gets full, you can park on 228th, or over at Dickinson.

Eric T. Peterson, Director of Bands; Cross Country Coach
epeterson@lwsd.org; 425 936-2330 (Music Office)
Evergreen Middle School (Redmond); 425 936 2320
Elementary Band website: https://ems.lwsd.org/activities/elementary-bands

“Until One is committed, there is hesitancy…always ineffectiveness…Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it Now”                 -Von Goeth


EMS ELEMENTARY BANDS 2019-20 (updated 9/23/19)
*Welcome to Elementary BEGINNING (1st year) and CADET (2nd year) Band!

*We have a great program for 4th and 5th graders. 

*Hopefully your student is as excited about joining us as we are teaching! (after 20+ years, I still get excited at the first note we play together!). 


NOTE: This year, EMS hosts Alcott, and Dickinson/Explorer. 

Baker, Rosa Parks and Wilder will have Elementary Band at Timberline MS.  (https://wilder.lwsd.org/activities/elementary-band)
Mr. David Sloan (dsloan@lwsd.org) will be your Band Director. 


Important Dates

Monday, Sept 23/
Wednesday, Sept 25/
Thursday Sept 26

Beginning Band starts
(see weekly schedule below for YOUR instrument)

EMS Band Room


2019-20 Elementary bands meet at Evergreen Middle School 8:05-8:30 AM

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
-All Brass (Trumpet,
Cadet (2nd year) Band -Flutes
-Electric Bass
-All Brass
-Electric           Bass
Cadet Band

The first few days for Beginners  we will barely get in, get seated, take roll, do some rhythmic activities, and show them how to get on the buses      :-)
     -So, they won’t really need their supplies, so if you’re waiting on an instrument or a book, they’ll be fine.  ALWAYS ATTEND, EVEN IF YOU DON'T YOUR HAVE INSTRUMENT/BOOK. 
     -We’ll get going on that the next week’s classes.

Cadet Band will start playing right away.


Coming to EMS in the morning:

  • Mr. Beise and Mr. Peterson are here 7:20 AM at the latest
  • We have a new security system. The Doors will be open for Elementary Band arrival at 7:45.


  • Parents are responsible for getting students to Elementary Band in the morning.
  • PLEASE CARPOOL as much as you can; Buses to the Middle Schools are at capacity and can't accommodate the Elementary Band or Orchestra program students. Some of them arrive too late for 8:05 Elementary Band anyway. 

Getting Back to School:

  • BUS: To Alcott, Dickinson will walk. 


We look forward to meeting and working with you!


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