What Instruments Can I Play?

Beginning Band Instrument Choices

      -At Evergreen, we focus on the "basic" instruments.
     *For other instruments, see the "Frequently Asked Questions" page

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There are the Woodwinds:

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  • Flute and Piccolo : The flute and piccolo are the highest pitched of the woodwind instruments. The piccolo is about half the size of the flute. Both have an especially beautiful sound that can be light and happy, or quiet and calm. Best known as the bird in "Peter and the Wolf". (scroll to 1:00). This is usually the instrument for those who like high sounds, and like to be part of a group
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  • Clarinet (listen to Eddie Daniels move from Bach to Jazz) This is the most popular woodwind instrument, and has a warm mellow sound. It can play both high and low notes. It is probably best known as the cat from "Peter and the Wolf". Here is Anthony McGill at Obama's inauguration,    Clarinet is a logical first step to bassoon and saxophone. Those who choose clarinet like the diversity of many activities, and being part of a cooperative group

There are the Brass:

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  • Trumpet , Cornet : Trumpets are somewhat longer than cornets, but play the same. These are the highest of the brass instruments. Players need a good sense of pitch. If you have a good whistle, and like to be heard individually, this is a good choice.
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  • Trombone: This instrument sounds very brassy like the trumpet, but makes a warmer sound. It plays the notes by using a slide. Very popular and usually in great demand for Jazz, Rock, Concert bands, and Orchestras... it does it all ! (even the Bumblebee!)   Trombone players have a good sense of pitch, and are pretty strong minded people!
    Yamaha YEP-321 Series 4-Valve Euphonium Lacquer
  • Euphonium or Baritone: (Literally "eu"=good, "phonium"=sound). Looks like a "small tuba", and is a warm sounding, but very "acrobatic" instrument. It can play beautiful melodies, and fast songs with lots of notes! (this video is Seattle Wind Symphony, my group)

There's Percussion:

Image result for marimba imageImage result for timpani drums imageImage result for snare drumMeinl Percussion Recording-Combo Wood Tambourine - Double Row with Head

*Due to equipment limitations, we can only take 6 (six) percussionists.  Percussionists are usually the most "individual" folks, and need to have a lot of self-control and patience. You are often called-on to play many instruments in one song.


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  • Electric Bass: (here's a funky orchestral piece with Electric Bass) Due to equipment limitations, we can only take 2 (two). This is both to help the low voices of the Band, but also to prepare you for...

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