Multicultural Club

Students foster respect and appreciation for all cultures, and have an opportunity to learn about various customs and life styles. Multiculture Club is open to all students.

Students in front of a decorated Christmas tree


Grades 6-8

Description: Evergreen's Multiculture Club welcomes 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who are interested in learning about and celebrating Evergreen’s cultural diversity. Multiculture Club has monthly meetings with frequent guest speakers who explain the culture of their expertise, and often demonstrate the characteristics of that culture. Annual field trips teach and entertain the members and can include cultural, ethnic, academic or other experiences. Students plan celebrations and lunch time musical jams in honor of Black History month, Cinco de Mayo, and are exploring and welcoming additional celebrations.


How to join: Students who would like to join should sign up in the Counseling office.

Evergreen’s Multiculture Club is having an active year, and is being lead by the following officers:

  • Co-Presidents: Bailey Campbell & Jelly Mason
  • Vice-President: Jennifer
  • Martinez Secretary: Nya Puoch
  • Treasurer: Daniel Montejano
  • Sergeant-of-Arms: Audrey Eickhoff


At an early fall meeting, Evergreen’s own Officer, Jeffrey C. Flohr, spoke to students about personal safety and what to think about the protect themselves he encouraged the students to :

  • Be aware of their surroundings
  • Have a plan when they’re out
  • Know the value of self defense
  • Remember internet precautions
  • Trust their instincts

In November, Senora Crommett invited the Multiculture Club to her room for a presentation for “Dia de Los Muertos:. She explained the significance of the celebration and shared the traditional Mexican sweet bread, “Pan de Muerto” with the students. Students especially enjoyed hearing some of the meaningful traditions of this special day and related them to their own families.

The City of Redmond’s Teen Center generously purchased tickets for Multiculture Club members to attend the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version of the “Nutcracker” by Stowell & Sendak . The students were bused to the McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center and attended the matinee on Friday, December 2nd. Although it was cold and wet outside, it was warm and cozy inside as the students watched the many dancers, both young students and professional adults, perform this wondrous production. It was a first time experience for many to see this entertaining ballet complete with the entire symphony orchestra. This most beloved holiday tradition includes the Mouse King, the ever brilliant caged peacock and the mysterious Herr Drosselmeier. The dancing snowflakes and waltzing flowers seemed to transform the holiday season for all. The Evergreen students were fascinated with the young girl named Clara, her brother, Fritz and their Christmas story in the German town of Nuremburg, Germany. A special thanks to Jume Netsuwan and her staff for preparing beautiful box lunches for the students complete with health choices and homemade holiday cookies.

To start the New Year off, Christopher Cullen and Rana Shmait from the City of Redmond Teen Center, presented on the available programs for Evergreen students and information on the Teen Center in general. Evergreen students had several ideas for interesting future programs and Chris and Rana will continue to work with Multiculture Club members to plan future activities.