EMS Counseling

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The coming days and weeks feel quite unpredictable and we want you to know that we are here to support you. This is a very different time for all of us and we miss getting to see you at school every day. The disruption to our normal patterns and day-to-day life can be very stressful for students and families. This has become a critical time for both physical care and mental/emotional self-care. Below are resources you may find helpful: 

EMS Counseling staff invite students and parents to contact us directly;  

Ms. Parnell – last names A – K (see contact info above) 

Ms. Ozeri – last names L – Z (see contact info above) 

Youth Eastside Services Counselor Drop-in Office Hours on Zoom 
Stephanie Lundquist, Behavioral Health Support Specialist offers drop-in office hours on Zoom for brief counseling and/or consultation. This service is available to EMS students, parents/caregivers and EMS teachers/staff.  She can be reached at 425-747-4937 and slundquist@youtheastsideservices.org.   

If you need immediate assistance or are in a suicidal or high-risk crisis, please call 911 or Crisis Connections at 866-4CRISIS (206-461-32222).



Typical reasons that a student may want to meet with their counselor include:

· Concerns about grades

· Questions/concerns about their class schedule

· Struggling with strong feelings (i.e. feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, lonely, sad)

· Wanting help with a personal problem (ex. Friendship/family, conflicts, stress level)

· Experiencing harassment or bullying

· Any type of question or are facing any issue (school-related or not)

· Need financial assistance/scholarship


Typical reasons parents may want to contact their child’s school counselor:

· Need assistance with educational planning

· Have academic concerns across multiple classes (If only 1 or 2 classes are affected, please contact the specific teacher(s) directly)

· Want to communicate changes at home that may impact student learning (i.e. a death in the family, divorce, change in living situation, etc)

· Request referrals for community resources (i.e. tutoring services, child/family counseling)

· Need financial assistance/scholarship

Parents and guardians with a registered email in our system can access their student’s current grades, class assignments and class calendars through Skyward. If you need help, please follow this link to www.lwsd.org/help.

Ideas for Students for Managing Remote Learning

- School is in session 9-3:30

  • Student work time: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri -- 2:00-3:30PM
  • Wednesday is a school day! Make a schedule for yourself so you’re spending time on each of your classes.

- Daily, check your school email, Skyward and Teams (Monday-Friday).

- Flex Time sign up window: Thursday afternoon through Wednesday 12PM

- Use your agenda, or some other form or organization that helps you stay organized.

- Once per week, reboot your laptop and check for software updates.

- During live class sessions,

  • Use your camera! It’s more interactive and FUN for you, your classmates and your teachers! (Blur the background for privacy, if you want to.)
  • Use the chat feature appropriately; keep comments on-topic

- If turning in late work, email your teacher (Teachers do not receive notifications, so they may not see your work otherwise.)

- Lastly, make sure you take time for fun and relaxation!

Counseling Office Staff

Sarah Parnell, last names A-K


Denise Ozeri, last names L-Z

425-936 2328

Counseling Secretary/Registrar:

Julie Stuvland 425-936-2320

Stephanie Lundquist

If you are IN-PERSON and want to meet with your counselor, please use the link HERE.

If you are REMOTE and want to meet with your counselor, please use the link HERE.